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Quick-Service Restaurant
(QSR) brands

Applying AI to cross-selling is a winning strategy. Why leave revenue and profit at your primary source of sales—your stores?

Point of Sales
(POS) providers

Learn how AI can increase your competitiveness and effectiveness while enhancing your offerings to your brand customers.

Learn how you can provide more service at the counter or kiosk and significantly increase your revenue and profitability using the capabilities of AI.


A2Go xSell is a cloud-based system designed for QSR to provide highly relevant cross-sell recommendations for every sale. The system relies on AI to calculate recommendations in a fraction of a second (0.3second), so the speed of service is not impacted.


It can deliver these results or better:
• 2% - 5% increase in sales
• 10% - 20% gain in profitability


A2Go xSell is the result of Augmented Analytics, which refers to the combination of human and artificial intelligence, yielding best-case predictions and prescriptions for action. It’s dependent on relevant data gathered from inside your company and from external contributors to customers’ visits (such as weather, calendar, day-part). In this way, AI broadens the context for decision making—considering more real-world, real-time relevancy than rules-based systems can.

A2Go xSell is easy to deploy and easy to use

A2Go xSell drives sales across all channels – wherever you have a screen.

1. Setup your stores in the system
  • Online account registration & confirmation

  • Setup store in the platform

  • Upload store-based sales history files

  • A recommendation model is automatically built into every store

2. Technical
  • A2Go xSell can be connected to every POS system
  • POS system adaptation is easy to implement
  • Every store has its own recommendation model to capture local behaviors and maximize effectiveness
  • Recommendation models are updated daily so changes in behavior are quickly learned
3. Operation
  • Start a sale

  • Sale ticket and items are submitted to A2Go xSell

  • A recommendation is triggered and a product is offered to the customer before the sale is closed

  • A highly relevant recommendation is sold and ticket size is increased

Cross-sell is an opportunity waiting for AI to realize its greatest potential! The A2Go xSell “microapp” solution is just the appetizer. Once you are connected to xSell, additional QSR solutions—from short-term demand prediction to customer churn—can bring additional profits and cost reductions.

Learn how you can provide more service at the counter or kiosk and significantly increase your revenue and profitability using the capabilities of AI.

Contact us to set up a live demo and discussion about our engagement process and solution for Cross-Selling

Global Headquarters

6151 Lake Osprey Drive, Suite 300
Sarasota, FL, 34240, USA
Phone: 1 + (941) 373-1313
Email: info@analytics2go.com

Brazil Office

Rodovia Raposo Tavares, KM 572
Bloco B1 Térreo 1 Sala 3, Bairro Limoeiro
Presidente Prudente, SP, Brazil, CEP 19067-175